Welcome to Grant Township

Grant Township is located in northern St. Clair County, Michigan. Our Webiste contains information about the township, services, Schools, officials and the current information on activities offered thought the year.

Grant Township is approximately 15 miles northwest of Port Huron, Michigan & 5 miles west of Lake Huron.
The township covers 29.8 square miles and is home to more than 1,840 residents. There are no major highways in Grant Township, however, the closest state highway is M-25, which is 5 miles east of the center of the township. M-136 intersects with Wildcat Road 5 miles south of the township with Wildcat Road being the principal north-south route centrally located in the township.Access to Grant Township is primarily from 2 major state highways, M-25 & M-19. Access to M-25 is provided by a number of east-west roads including Burtch Road, Harris Road, Jeddo Road, Fisher Road, Myron Road, Norman Road & Metcalf Road.

Access to M-19, which is approximately 6.5 miles west of the township, is primarily achieved by heading west from the township on Burtch Road, Comstock Road & Yale Road to the intersection of Yale & M-19 in Yale, Michigan. M-25 provides access to I-94 (15.5 miles south of the township) and to northern portions of the thumb. M-19 south provides access to I-69 (11 miles of the township) and point's west such as Flint, Lansing & the I-75 corridor as well as to points north in the thumb area.
ints north in the thumb area.

We are here to Serve you

Heritage Days Celebration


Township Board Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of the Month at 5:00 pm The public is welcome. 7942 Wildcat Road Jeddo, MI 48032 Phone: 810.327.6775 Fax: 810.327.1133 OFFICE HOURS: M-W-F 9-12 & 1-5

Trash Pick-Up

Grant Township contracts Marcotte Disposal to pick up trash weekly for our residents. Please have your trash out by the road before 7 AM each Tuesday. If you have any problems, please contact Marcotte at 810.985.9818 or call the township offices during business hours.

Burning Permits

Township residents must obtain a Permit to Burn for any outdoor fires, except for campfires. Permits are available at the township office during regular business hours.

School Districts

There are 3 school districts servicing the townships educational needs which include Yale School District, Croswell-Lexington School District, & the Port Huron Area School District. None of these districts have active school facilities within the township.

The school district boundaries are as follows:
• Yale School District generally incorporates the area west of the Black River.
• Croswell-Lexington Schools generally covers the northern 1/2 of the township east of the Black River.
• Port Huron Area School District generally covers the southern 1/2 of the township east of the Black River.

• Grant Township can be divided into 6 principal categories: agricultural, residential, commercial, light industrial, recreational & temporary land use, namely excavation & mining uses.
• Agricultural land use comprises 69% of the township's land area. The township also includes 1,370 acres of the Port Huron State Game Area, which borders the Black River as well as a 10-acre township park & a few private or semi-private facilities which include: Silver Trails Boy Scout Camp & the 4-Square Hunt Club.
• There are two small commercial areas in the township, Jeddo & Blaine. These commercial areas include two grocery stores, one gas station, one hair salon, & a construction excavation business.
• According to the South Eastern Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), as of 2007  there were 712 home sites in the township housing the 1,843 residents.

Grant TownshipParks & Recreation

Grant Township offers several facilities for our township's residents' use and enjoyment.  
These include a playground built in 2002 by our very own township residents as well as a park and walking path.  
There are two pavilions, and hall that is available for rental to Grant Township residents only throughout the year.

The Park & Recreation Committee meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Hall Rental (township residents only): $250 per day with $100 refund on good return.

Park Reservations (township residents only:  Includes the use of pavilion, Ball Diamond, and Horse Shoe pits.

South Pavilion - $25 rental plus $25 deposit

North Pavilion - $35 rental plus $25 deposit

Shuffle Board equipment available $50 deposit

Contact:  Don Orrell at 810.310.0977