Meet your Township Officals


Grant Township Board - Supervisor

William Paul Deater, known to everyone as Bill, was born and raised in Blaine, MI. He was educated in a one-room school house in Blaine, and went to high school in Port Huron. Bill went to Iron Workers Federal Trade Schools for 4 years and attended classes at St. Clair County Community College in Port Huron. He married his wife Susannah and they reside on the farm that was once owned by Susannah's family. They have two sons, one daughter, and 3 grandchildren. Bill retired from the Grant Township Volunteer Fire Department after 44 years.
He has been past president and a member of the Planning Commission as well as a property manager. Bill became supervisor November 20th, 2004, ready and willing to serve Grant Township. In January 2011 Bill was elected MTA (Michigan Township Association) State District 18 Director for Sanilac and St. Clair County. He is Past President of the St. Clair County Road and Bridge Advisory Committee; current Township Representative for St. Clair County Homeland Advisory Committee; Past President and current member of the St. Clair County Chapter of MTA; Past President and current member of the St. Clair County Supervisor's Association; and also was elected in 2016 to the State Executive Board of MTA.


Grant Township Board - Clerk

Nancy Sharum first started working for the township as an extra hand around the office; both paid and as a volunteer alongside her husband Gary.  In January of 2006, she was appointed to Deputy Clerk by Laurie Kring.  Nancy was appointed township Clerk by the Board on April 1, 2006. She is also a volunteer on the Parks Committee.  She enjoys spending time with her children and their spouses, grandchildren, working in her garden and completing crossword puzzles. Nancy has an extensive business background starting out as a high school co-op secretary at 15. She managed the offices of 3 different companies as a working Mom over her vast career before retiring in 2004. Nancy feels honored to be serving the residents of Grant Township.



Kathy has been a township resident since 1995. She is married to Scott and has three grown daughters.  Kathy attended Port Huron schools and worked for the Port Huron Police and the St. Clair County Juvenile Court System until 1998.   She and her husband have operated their home-based photography and video production business since 1994.  Her hobbies include flower gardening, crocheting, and photography.  Kathy replaced Sue Deater as treasurer on November 20th, 2004 and has found the position to be a challenging and fulfilling experience.


Grant Township Board - Trustee

Pat has been a Trustee since 2015.  He was raised in Fargo by Chuck and Inadell Norton and has resided in Grant Township with his wife Patricia since 1996.  Pat is currently employed at Standard Office Supply.  He is also a member of the Planning Commission


Grant Township Board - Trustee

Ted has been a Trustee since 2000and a Resident since 1990.  He is married to his wife Debra, and has one child, two grandchildren.

Grant Township Committees and Personnel

Address Assignment
Susan Hansman

Susan Hansman

Board of Appeals
Mark Matthews
Kathy Bert 810.327.6775 Ext. 201
Sue Deater

Board of Review
Bill Deater - Secretary 810.327.6775 Ext. 204
Gene Galinis - Chair
William Johnston - Member
Dennis Balut - Member
Marcy Brueggeman - Alternate

Building Inspector
Gary Beem 810.650.1333

Nancy Talaski 810.327.6775

Deputy Clerk
Denise Lamb 810.327.6775

Deputy Treasurer
Sue Deater 810.327.6017

Electrical Inspector
Mark Griessel 810.343.5395

Fire Chief
Donald McLane 810.327.6775

Hall & Park Reservation
Don Orrell 810.310.0977

Ordinance Enforcing
Liz Austin 586.420.4351

Mechanical Inspector
Dan Jex 810.982.8419 cell 810.531.3030

Parks & Recreation
Sue Deater - Chair 810.327.6017

Park Rangers
Dave Newberry and Ted Rutkofske

Planning Commission
Marvin McCallum - Chair 810.327.2691
Mark Matthews - Vice Chair
Karen Strevel - Secretary
Pat Norton
Gene Galinis
Stacy Hartman
Jeff Brown

Plumbing Inspector
Dan Jex 810.982.8419 cell 810.531.3030

Zoning Administrator
Liz Austin 586.420.4351